The National Behaviour and Attendance Strategy in Manchester

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Manchester Multi-agency Anti-bullying policy and Practice network 

The Manchester Anti-bullying Policy and Practice Network aims to bring together a range of partners to co-ordinate citywide strategies for schools and other education providers. This supports the delivery of the outcomes from Every Child Matters and Safeguarding Children to create a safe environment for learning.

Bullying in schools impacts on the emotional health of young people, which may affect attainment, attendance, truancy and criminal activity within local communities. It is therefore recognised that anti-bullying should be a priority for all schools and services and so  multi-agency approach between education,health, police and the voluntary sector was adopted in order to  pool our expertise and resources to develop a Citywide approach to anti-bullying policy and practice in schools.

Bullying - A Charter for Action
The Charter for Action has been amended to take into acount the new guidance - Safe to learn and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL). The principles should form the basis of anti-bullying policy and practice. The DCFS monitors the use of the Charter and schools are asked to inform Alison O'Brien at the Anti-bullying Alliance NW office (07711 214191) that they have signed up to its principles. 

It is easily found and downloaded as a pdf document through the DCSF or sites, or it can be downloaded here:- 
       a charter for action  (2 page pdf document, 228KB)

Manchester guidelines

The Anti-bullying Policy and Practice Guidelines have been produced and updated (2005) to complement the Don’t Suffer in Silence DfES pack and provide practical guidance to Manchester schools.

 Guidelines for developing anti-bullying policy and practice  (PDF, 358k)

The contents include:

      • Introduction – Context and Awareness raising
      • School self-evaluation
      • Developing a policy
      • Dealing with bullying
      • Anti-bullying support agencies

Creating Safe Learning

Four schools piloted the programme of support ‘Creating Safe Learning’ which has been devised to offer schools a variety of policy and practice related training, advice and development of practical solutions and strategies in dealing with bullying issues. A detailed menu of support for staff, pupils and parents/carers has been developed as a result,  and is  introduced in the following leaflets.

Creating safe learning  (4-page PDF leaflet, 824Kb)

Creating safe learning: a menu of support (2-page PDF leaflet, 1.6Mb)

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