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EYFS Profile
Welcome to the EYFS Profile section of this website. We will be aiming to update this section on a regular basis with new documents and information related to national and LA initiatives and moderation requirements.  
QCDA Evaluation and Planning Form 2010

The details of the LA's moderation requirements are included in the Evaluation and Planning Form. Also available is QCDA's response letter to our moderation model which is described as 'robust'.

Local Authority Moderation Documents

These documents were sent out to schools in October 2009 outlining the requirements for moderation this year - the leaflets also include the appeals procedures should any discrepancies arise through moderation visits or meetings.

Moderation by Visits:

Moderation by Cluster Meeting:

AAIA NW Region Inter-LA Portfolios

These documents were produced by moderation managers from LAs across the north west region, over the past 5 years, to support early years practitioners in their assessment judgements against the profile criteria. The 3 documents cover the 6 areas of learning and related scales - 2 in each document with a range of evidence for each profile point.

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