25 May `16 

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25th May 16
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Exams are hard work!


Your SATs exams in May will be testing your knowledge in English, Maths and Science. This page focuses on tips to get you through your Science exam.

Why should I revise?


Your SATs exams cover all the science you've learnt since you started in Year 7.  At a typical school, you have 6 hours of science a week for around 28 weeks of the year.  Over 3 years, you've studied science for around 500 hours.  And thats not including your homework time!.

Can you honestly say you remember it all?
If not, you need to do some revision to refresh your memory before the exam.

Before the exam

  • start as far in advance as you possibly can, this way if you're still stuck you have time to ask rather than panicking the day before
  • draw yourself a plan for revision, but don't spend all your revision time doing it. Make sure this plan includes topics you like as well as those you don't.
  • Your revision plan should also show breaks. You lose concentration after around 45 minutes - make a drink, walk around, but make sure you sit back down and start again.
  • make sure you understand the exam rubric, do you know the difference between explain your answer and describe your answer. If not, click here for a list of exam rubric.
  • prepare all the equipment the night before. Do you need a calculator, a protractor, a ruler ......
  • make sure that you cross through work that you don't want to be marked, for example if you decide to change your answer.

During the exam

  • be on time!  How do expect to get any marks if you're not there?
  • don't panic
  • pace yourself
  • read the instructions carefully and make sure you attempt the right number of questions
  • remember the examiner is stupid - they don't know what you don't tell them, and can't give you a mark if you haven't written it down
  • make sure you're answering the question that was asked, not what you hoped was going to be asked.  You can write as much as you like - but if you don't answer the question, you're not going to get the marks.
  • For calculations and graph work, make sure you give the units.  Is the answer 34cm, 34m, 34g or 34 pink elephants?

After the exam

  • relax and don't dwell on it.  You can't change your answers now, so whatever you or your friends wrote its now irrelevant
  • step up your revision for the next paper