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 This is your website

The MEWAN website has just one purpose - to support the learning and teaching in Manchester schools.  Everything that goes up on the MEWAN site is targetted at all those people that make a difference to the prospects and opportunities for children in our schools - or it is targetted at the children themselves.

Unlike the builders - we don't promise to have this site finished by Thursday next week - we're here for the long haul and we're continually improving the site and information upon it.



This is where you come in.  This website is under-construction and being decorated at the same time!  We want the site to reflect the needs you have in the city.  It is your site, built to support you, so you need to tell us what you want - tell us what you need.


Is there information that you would like to be able to find on MEWAN?

  • Please let us know if you think there should be new or improved section of MEWAN and we will investigate how to get that information ... 
  • Maybe that you know who has that information ... if you do, tell them you want to see it on MEWAN and give them our email address ...
  • Do you have information ... if you run a project in your local cluster of schools or help out in a city wide scheme that you think should be shared - let us know ...

 Are there mistakes on the website?

  • If there is a mistake in a weblink, or with information that you know is wrong or out of date, please let us know ... we are only human and we cannot keep abreast of every change that takes place that may affect the information on our site.
  • Are there any weblinks that need removing?

 Help us decorate the front page

  • We want to keep the front page fresh and changing to let you know that we are constantly working to ensure the site is up to date ... send us your images for Picture of the Week

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