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MEWAN Office


The MEWAN Team are based in Overseas House as part of the Information Systems support group.


Manchester Children's Services
Overseas House
Quay Street
M3 3BB

0161 234 7787


MEWAN Content Team


Jon Haves
MEWAN Content Manager

 0161 234 7468
 0161 274 7077

Ben Holland
MEWAN Web Developer
(MMU Placement Student)

David Jopp
MEWAN Web Developer
(MMU Placement Student)

MEWAN Technical Team


Graham Donaldson
Acting MEWAN Infrastructure Manager

tel: 0161 234 7787

All queries about your MEWAN connection and technical support should be directed through the ICT Helpdesk.  This is a merged help desk with the Admin ICT support on 0161 234 7787


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